NYSE and NASDAQ screener

This tool is completely FREE. Updated on a daily basic. It allows to filter securities by type (common stock, preferred stock, etf, fund, etc), industry, country, % change, trading volume etc.

Also you have some useful metrics like coupon value (for fixed income securities), and 200-day Moving Average - value, above/below price, number of days since breakout.

Want to add something else? Feel free to contact us and make your request. Requested features will be added to the screener.

What is Algorythmic trading

Algorithmic trading is a method of financial markets trading that uses complex mathematical models and formulas to initiate high-speed automated financial transactions. The goal of algorithmic trading is to help investors execute on specific financial strategies as quickly as possible to bring in higher profits.

Algorithmic trading makes use of much more complex formulas, combined with mathematical models and human oversight, to make decisions to buy or sell financial securities on an exchange.

The principles of algorithmic trading are used in the development of investment strategies to achieve the most attractive risk / return ratio, as well as in the creation of complex products for legal entities to invest free cash in the short term.


  • Minimize influence of the "human factor" on the operational decision making
  • Each trade is supported by a historically tested positive return/risk ratio
  • Make profit on any market cycle - growing and falling market.
  • Predictable risk/return ratio based on historically tested and real-time proved data.
  • Transparency and predictability of the investment process.